Why Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Care Go Hand-in-Hand

As a Chiropractor at Willoughby Family Chiropractic in Langley, it is my passion to help serve patients in the Lower Mainland and throughout the Fraser Valley. Along with my chiropractic care, our office also offers the added benefits of our RMT professionals, delivering massages that range from therapeutic to relaxing

Movement Matters for Your Spine & Overall Wellbeing

As we all begin to emerge from our homes and re-engage in various activities within our communities, thanks to eased Covid-19 restrictions, you may find your body is a little more rigid than before, which I want to help you address. Whether you are seeking a chiropractic treatment in Langley

How Your Posture Can Lead to Other Health Issues

Your personal gait involves the way in which you walk, and your posture plays a big part of that. From general appearance to confidence boosting, health to energy levels, there are many ways your posture can affect your overall wellbeing – and in a world driven by digital work environments,

Mindful Monday 8

Mindful Monday! As we near the end of January, this is commonly a time when most people start to fall out of their lifestyle and wellness changes they’ve been implementing in the new year. When the gyms start to become less busy as people decide to stop going for a

Mindful Monday 7

Mindful Monday! I’ve had the ‘Why We Sleep’ by Dr. Matthew Walker audiobook going for the last few days, and felt the need to bring some attention to the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. This continues our January theme of self-care and these habits we are creating with