Your Health Matters: 5 Ways to Stay Fit Without a Gym Membership

As Covid-19 restrictions continue to cause the community to pivot here in BC and across Canada, finding ways to stay fit without a gym membership remains an important measure for many. This is something Willoughby Family Chiropractic is passionate about – helping our community maintain or regain their physical health,

Willoughby Family Chiropractic Care: Step Into Fall Well Balanced

There’s a lot more to ‘balance’ than one’s actual pose, stature or stance. Being well balanced includes a variety of things – from physical health to emotional wellbeing, as well as skeletal alignment overall. Our Willoughby Family Chiropractic care facility aims to help our patients in a variety of ways in

Investing in Chiropractic Treatments as Part of Your Whole-Body Care

Curious about ‘Investing in Chiropractic Treatments as Part of Your Whole-Body Care’? As a Chiropractor in Langley, educating the community on how to care for their whole-body health is something I’m passionate about. Which is why explaining additional benefits beyond spinal care matters to me and the health practitioners I