Your Health Matters: 5 Ways to Stay Fit Without a Gym Membership

As Covid-19 restrictions continue to cause the community to pivot here in BC and across Canada, finding ways to stay fit without a gym membership remains an important measure for many.

This is something Willoughby Family Chiropractic is passionate about – helping our community maintain or regain their physical health, and assisting with the mental wellness that encourages aspect as well.

So – how can someone stay fit without a gym membership? Here are our suggestions!

5 Ways to Stay Fit Without a Gym Membership

  1. Utilize Online Yoga Classes

Although we recognize that motivation is a massive factor when working out at home alone; utilizing a local online yoga class can definitely help with motivation. Many local yoga studios have had to change over to online classes – and are worth checking out!

2. Take a Walk

Taking a walk is a simple, effective, low-impact way to manage your weight and mental health at the same time. We offer Custom Orthotics to help those in need of arch support, ensuring your walk is optimal in every way.

3. Opt for the Stairs

If you work in a building with more than one floor – opt for the stairs. Every step counts towards better health – and there’s even an app for that!

4. Invest in Fitness Equipment

You don’t have to get on the Peloton pedal-train to create an at-home gym. As discussed on – these 12 bodyweight moves discussed here can get the job done.

5. Turn Your Daily Chores Into ‘Circuit Training’

From vacuuming to swiffering, shoveling snow to cleaning the tub – daily chores can offer you more than a clean house and clear driveway. Turning domestic duties into circuit training is an easy way to lunge, lift, and stair-climb your way to a healthy 2022. PLUS you’ll feel accomplished with this ‘one-stone, two-birds’ methodology.

Train Hard, Recover Harder: The Art of Recovery Through Chiropractic Care & Massage

Amidst staying fit, remember that it is important to be mindful of your spinal health.

As mentioned in our blog by the above title…

…train hard, recover harder is the idea that, regardless of if you have just given birth, are training for a 10k run, or are managing your everyday fitness; you’re training is only as good as your recovery.

This is especially true as we age. Our bodies simply require more time and energy to heal. Which makes chiropractic care and massage an important part of your recovery process – regardless of what life event(s) you’re looking to recover from.

Willoughby Family Chiropractic understands that both physical and mental health matters – and we’re here to help you manage both!


Dr. Mitch Spooner

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