2021 Extended Health Benefits: Ensuring You Get the Most Out of Your Health Benefits

Many people don’t realize this; but your extended health benefits actually expire each year.

This means that any unused benefit premiums essentially go to waste, which we want to help you prevent at Willoughby Family Chiropractic & Massage Therapy – ensuring you are getting the most out of your health benefits and maximizing your healthcare too!

Whether you have never taken the opportunity to try Massage TherapyChiropractic Care or heard of the many benefits of Custom Orthotics – we are here to help ensure you are investing in your best health life.

Get What You Pay For

Although extended benefits seem like a great perk to have, these benefits are not actually free. Your employer typically takes a premium off your wages in order for you to receive such health care.

As mentioned in a previous blog discussing your health benefits…

A lot of plans have a deductible attached to them, which mean you will need to pay for a portion of your visits once your plan renews in January. So, before you plan resets, take the time for a personal reset through realigning your spine, or relaxing within a massage treatment. Both offer many benefits – and we’re here to provide those to you!

Get the Most Out of Your Extended Health Benefits & Health Too

Getting what you paid for goes far beyond money spent. It also translates to which healthcare professionals oversee your health as well.

As a chiropractic and massage clinic in Langley that also offers orthotics, we understand that your health is literally in our hands. And with many people seeking additional ways to maximize both their physical health as well as their mental health – we are here to help.

Whether managing day-to-day stresses felt in your neck and shoulders that massage could alleviate, or have a previous injuriy that could benefit from chiropractic care – Willoughby Family Chiropractic & Massage Therapy can address both.

In addition, there are many benefits to getting fitted with custom orthotics too, which we happily provide our patients through our partnership with Kiwi Orthotics Services.

Curious to know more about what extended health benefits you might have for Massage Therapy or Chiropractic Care? Contact us to see how we can help, or book your appointment here before the year, and your hard-earned benefits, run out.

We look forward to seeing you at our Willoughby Family Chiropractic Clinic soon!


Dr. Mitch Spooner