Whole-Body Health is Worth Investing In: Use Your Extended Benefits Before They Expire

There are many benefits to whole body health, which is something we are very passionate about at Willoughby Family Chiropractic.

As such, we want to encourage our patients to ensure they are utilizing their 2022 extended health benefits before they expire!

Utilize Your Health Benefits Before They Expire

Sometimes patients are not aware of the difference between MSP and extended health benefits. But as described by Personal Health Insurance – Pacific Blue Cross – there are definitely differences.

Our provincial government health care plans, MSP and PharmaCare, cover only the basic medical needs such as a visit to your physician or hospital care. Extended health care coverage includes medical services and supplies NOT covered by our provincial health care plans.

This includes such care as chiropractic treatments and massage. Upon each year, you are allotted a certain number of visits, which expire at years end (in this case, December 31, 2022).

It definitely benefits you to ensure you are utilizing all the funds before the year is up, maximizing your investment – both financially and physically.

The Benefits of Whole-Body Health

whole body health

‘Whole-body health’ isn’t just a cute catchphrase. It is a lifestyle that involves a variety of choices that can include…

  • Disease prevention
  • Addressing chronic injuries and illnesses
  • Enhancing physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Creating connection and balance between the body and mind
  • Instilling healthy lifestyle choices for optimal health

As discussed in our post Extended Health Benefits: Ensuring You Get the Most Out of Your Health Benefits

A lot of plans have a deductible attached to them, which mean you will need to pay for a portion of your visits once your plan renews in January. So, before you plan resets, take the time for a personal reset through realigning your spine, or relaxing within a massage treatment. Both offer many benefits – and we’re here to provide those to you!

At Willoughby Family Chiropractic – our aim is to help you manage your whole body health, ensuring you are benefiting from our Massage TherapyChiropractic Care and Custom Orthotics services.

If you are curious to know what extended health benefits you have available to you for massage or chiropractic care – contact us.  Or, if you’re already aware of your coverage; book your appointment here before the end of the year!

We look forward to seeing you at our Willoughby Family Chiropractic Clinic soon.


Dr. Mitch Spooner