Combining Orthotics & Chiropractic Care for Better Health This Summer

Combining orthotics and chiropractic care can help you take steps towards better health this summer. They each hold individual benefits, but combined – such custom treatments can often lead to a complete shift in a person’s health – as well as wellbeing. Here’s how!

Combining Orthotics & Chiropractic Care

At our Willoughby Family Chiropractic Clinic, we combine our chiropractic care with Custom Orthotics through Kiwi Orthotics Services.

Their service helps many individuals with their orthotics needs across the Lower Mainland, as displayed on one (of many) of their reviews…

“Kiwi Orthotic Services provides the best orthotic services period. I have used several other major orthotic providers and none compare to the level of service and the product provided by Kiwi. Knowledgeable support and fast turnaround make the choice simple, Kiwi is the best choice for all of your orthotic needs.”Dr. Dan DuBois, DC, BSc Kin, Port Moody, BC

Although most of us don’t often give our feet a second thought; keeping them healthy – or regaining your foot health, is a step in the right direction for many reasons.

Custom Orthotics Can Assist You In…

  • Reducing pain and discomfort in your legs or ankles
  • Reducing or eliminating lower back pain
  • Addressing calluses and/or bunions
  • Stabilizing your gait overall and provide better footing for proper posture

Adding Chiropractic Care into your health journey matters as well. As mentioned in our blog post ‘Movement is Medicine’…

Keeping your ligaments and skeletal structure fluid through regular chiropractic care can really help maintain your movement. Stiff muscles or a misaligned spine can cause people to stop their exercise routine, and snowball into a multitude of other concerns that stem from that.

Living amidst an active community here in Langley, we understand the importance of remaining healthy and mobile. Ensuring your feet and spine are ‘ready to go’ through orthotics and chiropractic care, is something we can assist you with, providing a positive, healthy experience for years to come!

Question? Feel free to contact us for further information, or book your appointment here at any time.

I, along with our entire Willoughby Family Chiropractic Clinic team, look forward to meeting you and having a hand in your overall wellbeing!


Dr. Mitch Spooner