Movement is Medicine: Enhance Your Lifestyle for Better Health this March

At our Willoughby Family Chiropractic Clinic in Langley, we have been focussing a lot on the idea that ‘Movement is Medicine’. Whether choosing to get outside in nature for a walk, run or hike, opt for a higher impact activity such as weightlifting, or lean into the centering practice of yoga; there are many ways you can enhance your lifestyle for better health this March through movement!

Why Movement is Medicine

Although we know that movement can benefit our physical health, there are many natural ‘medicinal’ benefits that movement can provide without any actual medication required.

Movement turns to a form of medicine by reducing the risk of chronic disease, improving mental health and overall brain function, increasing energy and a feeling of wellbeing. In addition, it can lead to better social health, physical health and mental health.

Overall, movement is excellent for your entire being, something a pill simply can not replicate.

Movement for Your Mind

There are so many benefits that go into movement beyond just the physical. Your mental health can also greatly benefit from regular exercise.

Regardless of your age, movement has the ability to release serotonin and promote positive mental health. As well, movement can improve brain development, concentration and cognitive skills.

Whether you have recently taken a break from your regular activities due to current health restrictions within your community, or your child’s sports have been put on hold; replacing your regular activities with something else is important in maintaining or improving mental health, bringing about a sense of wellbeing, focus and self-esteem.

Movement for Your Body

Your body can also benefit from movement in the following areas:

  • Healthier bones, muscles and joints
  • Improved coordination, strength and muscle control
  • Healthy body weight and posture

Chiropractic Treatments Help Maintain Movement

Keeping your ligaments and skeletal structure fluid through regular chiropractic care can really help maintain your movement. Stiff muscles or a misaligned spine can cause people to stop their exercise routine, and snowball into a multitude of other concerns that stem from that.

Which is something I am here to help prevent as a Family Chiropractor in Langley, ensuring your ability to move freely, while keeping your mind and body in check through positive movement and an enhanced lifestyle as a result!


Dr. Mitch Spooner