Movement Matters for Your Spine & Overall Wellbeing

As we all begin to emerge from our homes and re-engage in various activities within our communities, thanks to eased Covid-19 restrictions, you may find your body is a little more rigid than before, which I want to help you address.

Whether you are seeking a chiropractic treatment in Langley to rebuild mobility in a safe way, or you are simply looking for added ways to begin increasing movement and investing in your overall health, Willoughby Family Chiropractic Clinic is here to assist you.

Start the Process Slowly

Heading out into nature for a stroll is a great way to begin engaging in healthy, low-impact movement. This type of exercise can ease you into a healthy fitness routine that can benefit your body and mind, lowering your blood pressure, addressing any excess weight you may have put on in the past few months from a sedentary lifestyle and improve your mood.

Movement is vital to the health of your spine, and proper motion will increase the blood flow throughout your body while decreasing tension and providing stress relief. A slow return to increased movement can also be enhanced by a chiropractic adjustment here at our Langley clinic, freeing up your spine and muscles, and relaxing the nervous system as we get back into our new routines.

Make Your Movements Count

Regular brisk walks can truly make a difference to your overall wellbeing, creating movement to your joints and muscles, and safely lead the way to more vigorous exercise routines.

Making your movements count include being aware of your body as you move – from your stride to your arms swings; the more active your movements the more calories burned and joints activated.

I can help you ease into these added movements with care and consideration, providing you with a chiropractic treatment in Langley, ensuring you are properly aligned and moving the way that you should be.

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Conscious Breath Work

Your breath is your life force, and whether exercising or sitting motionless – conscious breath work can truly benefit your physical and mental health too.

Many of us don’t realize how much we hold our breath due to stress or because we simply have never been made aware of breathing techniques. It is an effective way to address a multitude of physical ailments, and is something I would be happy to discuss at our Willoughby Family Chiropractic Clinic.

Stretching Matters Also

Movements can be active or passive, and combining both within a stretching routine can deliver many benefits. From spinal twists to leg stretches, ‘cat and cow’ back arches to slow neck movements – allowing your body to slowly stretch also improves blood flow and releases toxins throughout your body, and is something I will happily direct you on at my chiropractic office in Langley.

Your brain and body needs movement for your overall health, and now that we are able to get out of our homes with increased safety – I encourage you to do so!

I look forward to see you at Willoughby Family Chiropractic Clinic soon – feel free to book your appointment here at any time!


Dr. Mitch Spooner