Mindful Monday 8

Mindful Monday! As we near the end of January, this is commonly a time when most people start to fall out of their lifestyle and wellness changes they’ve been implementing in the new year. When the gyms start to become less busy as people decide to stop going for a workout. Don’t let that person be you! You’re getting close to these small changes becoming habits that will give you benefits throughout the coming weeks, months and years. Think of how good you’ve felt after a workout or after a walk or healthy meals, and maintain that. Be excited about the positive changes you’ve made and continue making them. Get your proper sleep as we’ve discussed last week and keep pushing forward. If there’s anything we can do to help you stay on course healthcare wise, whether that is chiropractic related with our chiropractic adjustments, nutritional and exercise advice or other great referrals we have of Langley or other nearby healthcare professionals we recommend give us a call at Willoughby Family Chiropractic Clinic at 604-371-3939.