Mindful Monday 4

Today we’re talking ten minute walks. Something I try and do as often as possible throughout the day is go for short walks. These 10 or so minutes can be enough to add some rhythm to your day as well as give you some health benefits as well. Whether that be getting up between classes at school or taking time to get up on your lunch break at work, it can be a simple addition to your day. Walking is easy on the joints compared to running and won’t affect cortisol levels like long cardio sessions can. A simple 10 minute walk following a meal can also help reduce blood sugar and help with digestion and replenish energy levels. Plus, its free! Get outside, go for a short walk several times a day and see the benefits grow. Your body is meant to move and not sit on the couch or behind the desk! The movement will also allow our chiropractic adjustments and other aspects of the chiropractic treatment to take hold and help prevent aches and pains from flaring up again. The fresh air will do you some good as well. Feel free to contact me at 604-371-3939 or email [email protected] for all your chiropractic care needs.
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