Mindful Monday 2

I’ve introduced myself and some various forms of chiropractic care, but what about the very thing we are most known for; the adjustment. The adjustment is typically a high velocity, low amplitude (HVLA) thrust into a joint to help correct and restore movement through that specific joint. There often but not always is a popping or cracking sound that is accompanied by these thrusts, also known as cavitations. These are caused by gas bubbles forming in the joint as they gap.
You may be asking yourself why am I coming to see a chiropractor when I can create these same cavitations myself in my back or neck? When you do these “self-adjustments”, often time you are just moving the already hyper-mobile joints as they are the first and easiest to move and cavitate. As such, the relief of tension is short lasting in these non-specific self-adjustments. Hence the desire to continue doing them multiple times a day. Comparatively, we as chiropractors have spent years and countless hours practicing and understanding anatomy, palpation and these adjustments in specific ways in order to be able to find and properly move the restricted and stuck joints with specific adjustments. These specific adjustments are able to hold for longer, and when accompanied with proper exercise and movement patterns, can help to prevent injury and increase safe movement, as well as eliminate pain.
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