Mindful Monday 1

As chiropractors we have tools in our toolbox besides adjustments. Other chiropractic services we offer include things like nutrition advice. As such, as we move into the dark, grey and rainy season around Vancouver, often we go to work and return home and it’s dark out. It is no surprise then how so many of us don’t have enough vitamin D in our systems from a lack of exposure to sunlight. There aren’t many foods that provide vitamin D, so in these next few months when we can’t get as much natural sunlight as we’d like, supplementing with vitamin D is highly recommended. Recent studies have shown that traditional amounts of 400 IU’s per day of vitamin D are in fact way too low and we are actually needing 5000 IU’s daily to help limit depression, lower the risk of getting the flu, helping the body to absorb calcium and improve muscle and bone health as well as greatly lowering the risk of fractures and falls in older adults as just a few examples. For any other questions regarding vitamin D and its benefits send us a message or call 604-371-3939 and come in for a visit where we have vitamin D on hand as another key tool to help you get through this stressful time of year.