Improve Your Health: Celebrating the Month of Love with Positive Practices

Whether addressing aches and pains or alleviating stress – Willoughby Family Chiropractic cares about your self-care.

Positive self-care practices are something we seek to add into your daily life through our in-office treatments, at-home remedies and reminders of mindful physical and mental care .

Overall, enhancing your health through chiropractic care and massage therapy in Langley is important. But caring for yourself between treatments, maintaining your mobility and improving your posture, will also aid in your overall wellbeing – and we’re here to help with all of the above!

Help Reduce Stress: Chiropractic Adjustments
Our daily stresses seem to have increased in the past year – and we understand. Our chiropractic adjustments aim to help alleviate this by improving your mobility, as well as alleviate stress caused by misalignment that adds to your body feeling “tight”.

Increase Mobility: Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is another great way to implement positive self-care practices, while also improving your body’s ability to move more freely. Addressing tight muscles will help to make you feel more at ease, while also creating the increased ability for chiropractic adjustments. In fact, chiropractic care and message therapy work really well in tandem, increasing the benefits and potentially repairing your health more quickly too.

Stay Mobile: At-Home Exercises

Our care doesn’t end inside our office. We also seek to find ways to send our patients home with exercises that will help them maintain their adjustment, and even increase mobility over time.

From general stretches to more intense at-home exercises, depending on your need for physical improvement, we will offer you additional ways to enhance your self-care from home in a safe and effective way.

Get Your Kids Involved: At-School Self-Care

When it comes to kids – their self-care is important to us also, as we’re sure it is to every parent. We need to be mindful that kids have their own stresses they are dealing with, and teaching them how to manage those from a young age will serve them well throughout their lifetime.

Whether choosing to bring your child in for an adjustment, or asking us at your next appointment what you can to do to help them with at-school self-care, we would be happy to help!

As a Family Chiropractor in Langley, I look forward to helping you and your family adjust to a New Year in mindful and positive ways, working collectively to enhance your self-care in 2021!


Dr. Mitch Spooner