How Your Posture Can Lead to Other Health Issues

Your personal gait involves the way in which you walk, and your posture plays a big part of that. From general appearance to confidence boosting, health to energy levels, there are many ways your posture can affect your overall wellbeing – and in a world driven by digital work environments, our posture is taking a toll.

Take an Active Look at Your Posture

A lot of people walk through life unaware of their own personal posture. Whether they are accustomed to a hunched over stroll, or are swift walking but stiff individuals – taking stock of how you walk is the first step to changing it for the better.

Good Posture Can Improve Your Energy Levels

Poor posture can cause back and neck aches leading to headaches, making you feel sluggish and – frankly, annoyed. Which is why good posture can improve your energy levels, by mere default of not having to withstand chronic “posture pain”.

An active lifestyle is one way you can achieve good posture, while also improving your energy levels overall. In addition, it allows for better (more conscious) breathing techniques, leading to easier respiration and properly filling your diaphragm – which also helps with posture.

Additional Health Concerns Due to Poor Posture

There are numerous other ways that poor posture can affect your health, which includes:

Pelvic Pain – leading to difficulty urinating and even constipation.

Headaches – due to the rampant use of digital devises, many of us are experiencing “tech neck” – resulting in everything from prematurely wrinkled necks, to chronic headaches.

Self Esteem – your body language speaks loudly. From the way you walk, stand or sit – these positions display to the world your position on yourself. Poor posture tends to default to a lowering of self esteem, whereas someone who walks with confidence in proper posture gives the impression of confidence – even if you’re still working on it internally.

Fatigue & Sleeplessness – poor posture is taxing to your body, requiring it to activate more muscles regularly, as well as attend to pain triggers. Prolonged poor posture can lead to alignment concerns, creating the need for constant care to feel better.

Lower Body Pain – it’s not just your neck and spine that can suffer from poor posture; your hips, knees and ankles are also at risk. Even poor posture while sitting can put strain on your lower body.

In addition to all of the above, your body will feel in a constant state of stress when you are not standing, walking or sitting with proper posture. In a world filled with everyday stresses, adding to them in this way is entirely preventable – and I’m here to help!

From offering simple stretches you can do at home, to correcting your alignment within my Willoughby Family Chiropractic Clinic, I can assist you with recovery and maintenance, leading to well-adjusted health overall.

I look forward to meeting you soon.


Dr. Mitch Spooner