How Your Family Can Benefit from Chiropractic Treatments in Langley

As a Chiropractor in Langley, I feel passionate about the health and wellbeing of my community. But with so many suggestions being offered on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Which is why I want to provide my reading audience with a better understand of Chiropractic Care, ensuring your entire family is receiving the help they need to stay in top of their health!

Making Chiropractic Care a Part of Your Family’s Healthcare Routine

Which is why making chiropractic care part of your family’s healthcare routine plays an important role in such maintenance.

Instead of treating symptoms with medication, we aim to help families care for their whole-health with natural practices, keeping you aligned with a hands on approach, while restoring or upholding mobility to joints and relieving pain as needed.

Realigning Sedentary Spines in Adults, Teens and Children

Whether you work long hours as a parent, have children who sit for long periods of time at school, or teenagers who are part of the “gaming community” – a sedentary spine can lead to a stiff and sore body that can feel constantly stressed.

There is no need for anyone’s spine to suffer, however, as chiropractic care can help relieve joint paint, create better balance and the ability to move freely, while ensuring your growing children maintain good posture.

Why Good Posture Matters and How Chiropractic Treatments Can Help

A teenager who slouches is a familiar site to parents, and failing to correct this can create a lifetime of poor posture habits. This could result in a variety of consequences; from a chronically sore back all the way to forming a “hunchback”. Poor posture is not something to be ignored, and we are happy to help you with spinal awareness, correcting this concern in your teens before it becomes problematic.

How Chiropractic Care and Sports Go Hand-In-Hand

Sports are also something both children and teens are often involved in, potentially resulting in injuries or just general tight muscles from vigorous exercise. Chiropractic care can help reduce inflammation, relax muscles and prevent sprains or injuries from lack of proper mobility. In addition, an aligned spine will promote and boost the body’s natural immune system, minimizing glandular fevers and general aches and pains of growing.

From children and teens with poor posture, pregnant moms to adults and seniors who simply have a lifetime of body stresses, I am here to help with your overall health and wellbeing in Fort Langley, and would love to meet with you to discuss your family’s chiropractic care.

I encourage you to call me at 604-371-3939 or email [email protected] …I look forward to hearing from you!


Dr. Mitch Spooner