Dr. Natasha Smith – Chiropractor



Dr. Smith understands that when you break your arm, the cast itself does not heal the arm, the cast holds the arm in place while the body heals it. Same with when you get a cut, the bandage doesn’t heal the wound. The bandage reduced the chance of dirt getting in the wound, while the body heals itself. Now what controls the body? Is it your hands? Your lungs? Your heart? No. It is your brain! Your brain is what tells a muscle to activate. Your brain allows you to digest nutrients and release hormones. It is normal to have pain or tightness at times. Pain indicates to the brain something is wrong. Just like a fever is the body’s way of increasing temperature to kill off the bacteria.

Dr. Smith’s goal in patient care is to  increase your brain to body communication, which enhances the ability of your body to heal itself. Will Dr. Smith “fix” your headaches? No. Dr. Smith will improve the communication from the brain to the body which results in reduced headache symptoms. Dr. Smith is not treating symptoms, she treats the problem. She treats by allowing the body to enhance its ability to heal itself! If you are ready to optimize your ability to heal yourself and deal with the day to day stressors by reducing interference in the brain to body communications then Dr. Smith looks forward to being part of your success story.


Hello, I am Dr. Smith. I am passionate about health and find balance in all aspects. I love playing with my puppy, Kilo! I enjoy challenging and intellectual conversations with friends. Exercise is top at my list whether this is: soccer, dance, volleyball, basketball, weight lifting, hiking, swimming, I could go on…I love it all! I am very active in the community and enjoy getting to meet new people and hearing their stories. My favorite food is tacos! And I will never say no to a glass of wine or a kraft beer. I use positive self-talk every day and I truly love life. My goal in life is to have an impact on society as I want to see a shift from sick care to health care. Nothing makes my day more than hearing how I have impacted and changed patients’ lives!